Doors 21:00
AK €18.-
VVK €14.- (+Geb./oeticket)

Northern-Greece-based hard psychedelic rock outfit NAXATRAS returns with their third full-length endeavour (fifth release in total), and the result is stunning, as usual! Being in their best shape to date, the Greek power trio delivers a trippy journey to the very roots of the psychedelic sound, paying tribute to psychedelic rock titans Pink Floyd & Hawkwind, doom rock overlords Black Sabbath, as well as funk pioneers Funkadelic and legendary guitar-hero Jimi Hendrix. Deriving from the past and –at the same time- sounding current and fresh, “III” is suitable for all fans of quality rock music as well as –empowered by the relentless touring activity of the band- destined to put Naxatras once and for all on the map as one of the biggest hopes of the European psychedelic music.

The trio GIANT ANTEATER is known for its filthy vodka live shows, psychedelic bodypaintings and wild onstage performances. Dirty blues meets synths, samples and odd time signatures. The combined forces of drums, heavy guitars, bass and electronic parts form the perfect playground for Pia’s excessive voice. A special mix of “FUCK OFF” and “THNK ABOUT IT” describes their music and lifestyle. Standing out of the grey mass, the three musicians created artificial aliases for themselves.