Doors 21:00
Show 22:00
AK €10.-
Fågelle (Sweden) | Vo Ezn (Georgia) | Natália Zajačiková (Slovakia)

Es röhrt, bruzzelt, zischt und fiept. 3 großartige, innovative Künstlerinnen aus 3 verschiedenen Ländern (Schweden, Georgien und der Slowakei) werden die p.m.k mit Synthesizern, Stimme und verschiedenen Techniken zum ächzen und schwingen bringen. Fågelle wird mit ihrem Noise-Pop bereits als die Schwedische Bjork bezeichnet, Vo Ezn trat mit ihren eindrucksvollen, live-manipulierten field recordings im Rahmen des diesjährigen Heart of Noise Festivals auf und Natália Zajačiková ist in Innsbruck vor allem durch ihre melancholischen künstlerischen Arbeiten in und um die Bäckerei Kulturbackstube bekannt.

Fågelle (from Sweden) creates music where layers of noise meet pop melodies in an exploration of rhythms and the subject of power. With pedals, synthesizers and samplers, she dives into the sounds, experimenting until she finds what will come together with poetry to create a compelling song in the middle ground between sound art and pop. Her sound world consists of everything from field recordings from the Moscow subway to roaring guitars and tormented synthesizers.

Vo Ezn (from Georgia) is a multidisciplinary sound artist, whose practice encompasses different modes: sound installations, soundtracks and live performances. Her music was released by Oor Records and AqTushetii. Her recent works delved into subjects like associative memory; social media algorithms and their impact and consequences; misinformation; socio-political contexts, backgrounds of people and layers or circumstances connected to the specific infrastructures.

Natália Zajačiková (from Slovakia) comes from Žilina and was born still in Czechoslovakia.
Becoming an adult while struggling with domestic violence and trying to find a place in a reality, hardly fitting into her own, Natalia found a way to integrate both worlds by capturing the outside and therefore finding a place for it.Natalias relationship with photography naturally evolved in her starting to focus on documentary art. 
This way of exploring society in a most intimate, sometimes uncomfortably honest way, helped her cope with the ongoing anxiety and panic attacks.