2methylBulbe1ol (Peace off/ Komod.O Dragon)

Lovegoat presents BASSED IN HELL pt. 2 feat.
2methylBulbe1ol (Peace off/ Komod.O Dragon)

Digital Youth (SymbioArts/Electro Criminals)
Tron (Drumatic)
Alaska Al (NLK)
Rev.Rumble & SoundKnecht (lovegoat/Schererei)

2methyl (aka 2methylBulbe1ol) is an up and coming 26 year old audio heavyweight from the East of France. He started to play the guitar when he was young, surrounded by the filthy sounds of Post-Hardcore, Grindcore and Noise Rock. His love for these genres feeds into his electronic music, as he tries to translate the raw power and energy of these styles into his own sound. His discovery of Venetian Snares and Xanopticon opened new boundaries for him to explore, and the result of these influences can be heard in his music; where crushing bass lines and aggression meet heavy complex beats and intricate melodies. 2methyl attempts to use music as a form of narrative, using his mixes to lead dance floors through intriguing cyberpunk, industrial soundscapes.

2methyl's releases to date include 2 EP's (one a split with Niveau Zero, the other solo) on Rotator's Ruff Recordings label, and another EP on komodo dragon records. Through both his releases and much-enjoyed live sets, he continues to affirm himself as a rising force in the darker end of dubstep.