Scattah Brain

Montag 30.04.2018 Doors 21:00
Show: 22:00
10 Euro hosted by Die Bäckerei
Scattah Brain

SCATTAH BRAIN (Duzz Down San) | D.E.Y.

The trio, consisting of Jahson The Scientist (vocals), Andi Tausch (guitar) and Andreas Lettner (drums), created their twelve tracks-longplayer ELECTRIC MIND STATE without any compromises, relied on edgy compositions which are not bending to any standards, are strong and present.

Scattah Brain is indeed traded as the representative of Afropunk in Austria. Their musical oeuvre ranges from hip-hop, over jazz, to rock. With this versatility, the trio is underlining their musical developements, their conceptual depth and euphonic breadth.