Start 17:00
AK €3 - 15.- (

18:30 Hans Sol
19:45 Niju
21:00 Re.You
22:00 Show Ende
23:00 Curfew / Veranstaltungsende


Das Festival ALLES GUTE, das in diesem Jahr im Rahmen STADT.TEIL.KULTUR stattfindet, ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt der Arche*Ahoi, Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube, Bonanza Festival und p.m.k. Für das BOTANICA haben wir eine schöne Kooperation mit dem Botanischen Garten Innsbruck & der Uni Innsbruck auf die Beine gestellt. Für das Programm auf dem Landestheater Platz arbeiten wir mit unseren lieben Freunden von REICH FÜR DIE INSEL zusammen.

Finanzielle Unterstützung erhält das Festival durch die Stadt Innsbruck, das Land Tirol, IKB, IVB und den SKE Fonds.

Unser Ziel ist es, allen Menschen die sich gerne in Innsbruck aufhalten, ein qualitätsvolles Kulturprogramm anzubieten und gleichzeitig alle beteiligten Künstler:innen, Partner:innen und Plattformen fair zu entlohnen. 

Um die Veranstaltung so zugänglich wie möglich zu machen, bieten wir für jeden Veranstaltungstag 200 Solidaritätskarten für 3 Euro an. Wenn du dich in einer schwierigen finanziellen Situation befindest, schnapp dir ein Ticket und verbringe einen wunderbaren Sommer mit uns. Wenn du es dir jedoch leisten kannst den vollen Preis zu zahlen, sei bitte respektvoll und überlasse diese Tickets jemandem, der sie dringender braucht.

Dank unserer wunderbaren Zusammenarbeit mit der IVB ist dein Ticket für die Veranstaltung auch in allen öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln 1,5h vor und nach der Veranstaltung für die An- und Abreise gültig.



Re.You is a producer and DJ who has transcended fashion and trends to carve out his own pathway, picking up a dedicated fanbase and consistent worldwide bookings in the process. As well as being a renowned producer since 2009, Maier also runs his own label, Younion, to support music made by his talented circle of producer friends. Through his early work he established himself as an accomplished producer, able to transmit emotion through his deft compositions while also keeping the dance floor buoyant and energised. This thoughtfully produced balance has won him fans around the world and from within the industry with labels such as Kompakt, Keinemusik, Mobilee, Connected and Moon Harbour signing his productions. Re.You finds inspiration and energy in every aspect of his musical career, enjoying the creative process of being in the studio just as much as he does performing on stage in front of hundreds of people every weekend. Though he is successful, Re.You works hard to maintain the ethos that has made him one of the most consistent artists of his generation; balance, diversity, fun and great energy. It’s winning combination that will keep him spinning around the world for many years to come…


That’s what the prehistoric cave peoples of the orient called the mystical waterfall where they came together at the source to dream themselves into the eternal hunting grounds to the hypnotic sounds of the skin drum and the rattle of the shaman every seventh night. That’s not the truth. niju simply quickens the imagination. Whileordinary club sets often feel like a bumpy obstacle course through your ear canal, niju will take you to a musical high-wire garden. You float and prance through the thicket towards the mystical waterfall of versatile creativity. A mix of impulsive deep-house, tech-house variations and downtempo influences may describe his sound. Hisperfomances always match to time, place and audience. Nijus productions are the expression of his love in music and his love in details. His dedication for the art itsself without having any expectations makes niju an extraordinary artist. This year he has coined – as a resident – the electro division of the emerging culture collective called peer23, who have created a comfortable home for themselves on the Friesenheimer Island in Mannheim. Colorful influences , fresh tracks, sets and new collaborations – the coming period promises finest future music.

Hans Sol