Kopfweh kein Wunder - EP 07 The paragon animals

Doors 21:00 | Show 22:00
AK €5/7/10.-
ABGESAGT: Kopfweh kein Wunder - EP 07 The paragon animals

JASSS is a Berlin-based sound artist, producer and DJ. Her first 12-inches appeared in 2016 and by then she was a resident DJ at Mannequin's regular nights at OHM and later Berghain's Säule, where she honed a voice as a selector that smoothly traverses tempos and eras.

In 2017 her debut full-length album 'Weightless' appeared on the experimental label iDEAL and was followed by a 2020 release on Whites. Since these releases she's made regular appearances at clubs like Berghain, Amsterdam's De School and Bassiani in Tbilisi and performed at festivals like MUTEK Montreal, Sónar and Primavera. In November 2021 'A World Of Service' will be released on Ostgut Ton. 

Pepper Levain is a German multimedia artist based in Athens. Over the years she documented photographically the international queer nightlife and discovered recently music as medium of expression. Pepper delivers chanted vocals on heavy electronic beats. A vivid yet dark 80s vibe pulls through the artist’s first EP “Welcome to The Other Side” that was freshly released this year.

nighthawk vs nighthawk (Split release)
Das neue Destillat aus dem Schlot des Verschub serviert ihre LP 'nighthawk'. Mit einem Fuß im Klub, mit dem andern schon über dem Zenith. Treibende Drummachines und Synthlines vs. melancholische Arrangements aus scharfen Beats und tragenden Baselines.