KING AUTOMATIC (fra/voodoo rythm rec.)


KING AUTOMATIC (fra/voodoo rythm rec.)

KING AUTOMATIC (fra/voodoo rythm rec.)

Für die leider abgesagte Tour von Bob Log III haben wir schlußendlich doch noch würdigen One-Man-Band Ersatz finden können: King Automatic vom Schweizer Kultlabel Vodoo Rythm Records, auf dem Bands wie die Dead Brothers, Guitar Fucker und The Watzloves zuhause sind.
This garcon is heading straight for the One Man Band Hall of Fame! King A. presents 14 tracks of instantly foot tapping blues punk with some electro weirdness simmering somewhere. It sounds like it was recorded in a dumpster, parked in the red, and if you're still wondering how they built the pyramids, this distort-o-rama/burn your pyjama will surely take your
mind off the equatation and have you asking how one man can make a racket like this? The king plays kick and snare drum, guitar and organ + sings - all at the same time, and leaves a smoking tambourine and the smell of melted rockyfour in his tracks. The reverb on this baby will have our interplanetary neighbors filing complaints over off-key organ chords and high frequenzy menagerie for the next two millenniums, but this is worth it.Five out of five for the impressive performance and appropriately deep
and focused recording, and - this really opens up in multi-channel!(LOWCUT - Denmark)

v.a.k.u.u.m - Sektion Schrebergarten gibt euch danach den Rest.