spastic hearts, teenage bubblegums

doors: 20:00

Killer poppy punkrock from Ohio, USA. Ex-members of legendary Youngstown punx The Johnie 3 teamed up with the gorgeous Angie Phalange to form THE SPASTIC HEARTS. Key words are: party, punkrock, and sex appeal. So slip into something more glamorous, put on them dancing shoes and join us for a night of punkrock party extravaganza!

TEENAGE BUBBLEGUMS are from Italy and play ultra catchy, sugar-sweet poppunk in the great Ramones tradition. No blahblahblah, just 1-2-3-4 GO! Their debut LP on Monster Zero Records is an instant classic. Produced by Andrea Manges, we're talking hits to the maximum. And those hits will be thrown in your face by the three-piece from Forli. Two boys, one girl, no flippin' around! Do the pogo, hey ho andiamo!