HARLEM (Austin, Texas)

Live Band: HARLEM (Austin, Texas)
Dance Par-tee!

For the first time LOVEGOAT and CHOKE MEDIA team up for an extraordinary showcase. We will be spinning tons of unknown classics of the broad area of GARAGE, FREAKBEAT and PSYCHEDELIA music. No Hippie shit, this is the real deal. Come out, come out - wherever you are and dive into the sonic boom of the 60ties….
As special treatment for you kids we invited HARLEM, troublemakers from Austin, Texas, who just released their second album called “Hippies” on Matador Records. After numerous stints on crap-o-la events like SXSW and CMJ and numerous self booked tours they are travelling through Europe for the first time. HARLEM has a reputation of making club gigs seem like living room shows (and living room shows feel like club shows). Shake your hips to these blasts of pure pop energy with a new dimension of songwriting that is as tightly masterful as it is true to a joyfully frantic primitivism!!!!